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The small, picturesque coastal hamlet of Jacobsbaai situated between Saldanha and Paternoster is a 90-minute drive from Cape Town.

Only established a few decades ago, Jacobsbaai is a tranquil getaway, home to a small community including artists, potters and a renowned Afrikaans writer and storyteller.

The town is known for its traditional West Coast building style of whitewashed cottages, some using local rock, as well as its abundant fish and crayfish (lobster). Most of the roads of the quiet little town are gravel, adding to a relaxed holiday mood.

Pretty Jacobsbaai beach is one of seven little bays along the local stretch of coast. The others include Kwaaibaai, popular with surfers; Tooth Rock and Bamboesbaai, great for diving, fishing and crayfishing; Smalbaai with its many oystercatchers and cormorants perching on the rocks; and Mauritzbaai, where hundreds of terns can often be seen. The sandy beach of Hospital Bay – its name dates back to the 1800s when ships dropped off their sick to be quarantined here – is ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Experience the rugged beauty of the landscape around Jacobsbaai on the 17km hiking trail that runs from Swartrietbaai to tiny Tietiesbaai near Paternoster.

Things to see

The natural fynbos surrounding Jacobsbaai supports a variety of wildlife, including jackal, duiker, steenbok and tortoise. The area is popular for birding, and species include buzzards, kites and eagles.

Dolphins can often be spotted along the coast, as can southern right whales between June and November.

In late winter and spring, the landscape transforms into a riot of colour, with daisies and wildflowers stretching all the way to the ocean.

Things to do

  • Boating, fishing and diving
  • Boardsailing and kayaking
  • Coastal hiking trails and dune riding
  • Visits to local art and pottery studios.

Tourist Office

+27 (0)22 715 1142

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Welcome to the tranquil West Coast with its wide, open spaces, charming fishing villages, unspoilt beaches and abundant animal and marine life. From water sports and whale watching to enchanting spring flowers, hiking among the fynbos, mountain biking, birding and fresh seafood, this beguiling year-round destination has it all.