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Wesgro is collaborating on the ‘Two Brothers From Another Sea’ project with acclaimed local chef, Kobus van der Merwe, and Belgian chef, Willem Hiele.

Sharing the same connection to the environment and love for their respective coastlines, the project involves Van Der Merwe (owner of the award-winning Wolfgat restaurant in Paternoster) introducing the West Coast’s culinary offerings to Hiele (an upcoming talent in Europe) by foraging and exploring the small rural town, says Lana Carls, Niche Tourism Coordinator of Wesgro. Hiele’s restaurant in Koksijde, Belgium is considered one of the best along the country’s coast, she says.

“The concept is simple. Van der Merwe will have a few days to introduce all the available and seasonable herbs and plants, vegetables and fruit, fish and shellfish, meat and spices found and foraged around Paternoster and share this with Hiele. Together, they will create an eight-course menu, a kind of revisited version of how these products are usually used.”

The main event takes place on December 7 and 8 at Wolfgat in Paternoster.