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Start planning your Weskus Flower Trip!!!

Please do not forget to contact the Weskus Flower Hotline 063 724 6203 or the Namakwaland Flower Line at 072 760 6019

Viewing Tips!

Flower Hour- To view the flowers at their best, choose the hottest time of the day, which is from 11H00 to 15H00. It's the extended flower power hour. Respect the flower paradise: Walk with care and don't trample plants unnecessarily.

Sun Run- The flowers always face the sun. Try and drive towards the sun to enjoy nature's dazzling display. When viewing flowers on foot, stand with the sun behind your back. Certain flowers don't open when it's overcast.

No-Phone Zones- The towns along the Flower Route can be few and far between, especially in Namakwa. Cell phone reception isn't always available and you need to factor that in when planning your trip.

Local is Lekker- The locals are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the best flower spots. So don't be afraid to ask for their guidance and insider tips!

Petal the Metal- Whether you wish to escape the city for a weekend mini-circuit or prefer a longer meander up north, the Flower Route has itineraries to suit everyone. For the flower connoisseur wishing to identify rarer species, specialized regional flora guides are available from bookstores in Cape Town. 

When calculating travel time for certain distances, don't forget to add in your viewing hours. As you drive, ask the locals how long it takes to the next stop. Keep extra refreshments with you, especially further north where towns are more isolated. 

Flower Season 2018

Flower Species on the West Coast

-Polygala virgata (Bloukappie)

-Heliophila coronopifolia (Wild Flax)

-Geissorhiza radians (Kelkiewyn)

-Spiloxene capensis (Poublom)

-Limonium peregrinum (Strandroos)

-Ornithogalum thyrsoides (Chincherinchee)