Visit West Coast

The quaint little fishing village of Paternoster up the West Coast is a must visit place for anyone travelling to the area. Expect picturesque beaches, turquoise sea and white washed houses. 

Paternoster is also a culinary hotspot with around fifteen restaurants, so your trip could easily turn into a foodie adventure.

Paternoster Pic By Sam Linsell

There are a few beautiful luxury hotels and guesthouse to stay at, or you could opt for one of hundreds of self-catering houses and cottages. 

With so much accommodation on offer, you will easily find something within your budget. 

Ideally you want to rent a place with beach or sea views and it’s particularly wonderful to be able to walk directly onto the beach. 

Paternoster Pic 2 By Sam Linsell
The water is icy but welcoming on a hot summers day. There are more secluded beaches away from the main Voorstrandt beach if you feel like a swim on the wild side, or even just a very long beach walk.
Wolfgat Pic By Sam Linsell

Kobus van der Merwe’s iconic restaurant Wolfgat is a must for the adventurous foodie. 

His hyper local West Coast menu consists mainly of seafood enhanced with wild plants and seaweed foraged along the shoreline. 

It is the culinary manifestation of the area and is really like eating the West Coast.

This inspiring two and a half hour eating adventure takes you through a seven tasting course and is worth going to during the day to enjoy the beautiful views over the beach. The restaurant is housed in a 130-year-old cottage on top of the historic ‘Wolfgat cave’.

Wolfgat Pic 2 By Sam Linsell
Gaaitjie Pic 2 By Sam Linsell

Gaaitjie is another restaurant with a fantastic location right on the beach. Here you can expect seafood dishes with a few international and Asian inspired flavours. Make sure to book a table on the back balcony for the best views. 

Gaaitjie Pic By Sam Linsell
Gaaitjie Pic 3 By Sam Linsell
The Noisy Oyster Pic By Sam Linsell

The popular Noisy Oyster in the village is a must visit restaurant with a pretty outside courtyard seating adorned with colourful umbrellas and fairy lights. The service is warm and friendly and here you can expect the freshest oysters from Saldanha (which is only 30 minutes away). The menu covers all the bases with West Coast seafood dishes, as well as a good selection of vegetarian and meat dishes. Make sure to make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Paternoster Pic 3 By Sam Linsell